Friday, July 20, 2012

Vietnam Attacks KKF at ECOSOC

Originally posted at On Friday, 23 July 2004, The ECOSOC voted on a recommendation triggered by Vietnam to sanction the Transitional Radical Party (TRP) because TRP has Mr. Kok Ksor, President of Montagnards Foundation, Inc. as its member. The recommendation was rejected by a vote of the ECOSOC member states. For detail info about this case, Click here to read the article: VIETNAM'S ATTACK DEFEATED AT ECOSOC
Vietnam once again has used the same tactic to silence KKF at ECOSOC. Click here to read detail about how KKF has been granted consultative status by ECOSOC’s NGO committee
ECOSOC's meeting report on May 30, 2012: Click here to read the report
On July 16, 2012, KKF released a PRESS RELEASE to appeal the civil societies to send letters to ECOSOC members to uphold the decision made by the NGO committee. Click here to read Press Release
After KKF released a Press Release, On July 18, 2012, there are 14 NGOs wrote a joint letter to the ECOSOC member states: Click here to read the letter.
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