Thursday, August 2, 2012

Vietnam Buddhist Sangha Orders to Defrock Khmer-Krom Buddhist Monk

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On July 29, 2012, KKF released a Press Release regarding to a Pronouncement that was issued by the Buddhist monk officer of the Vietnam Buddhist Shangha (VBS) on July 28, 2012.
On August 1, 2012, around 5:30 pm, the representatives of VBS and about 50 Vietnamese polices (not wearing uniform) came to Tra Set temple. One of the representatives of VBS read the pronouncement and asked Venerable Thach Thuol to defrock. Venerable Thach Thuol did not agree because he does not violate any Buddhist rules. Fortunately, the Vietnamese polices did not use violation to defrock Venerable Thach Thuol. When they saw that Venerable Thach Thuol does not agree to defrock, they just left the Tra Set temple.
According to the Buddhist monks and Buddhist followers at Tra Set temple, they are really surprised that Vietnamese polices just surrounded their temple and did not even wear uniform when they came into their temple. They believe that Vietnam must be under pressured of the world community asking Vietnam to respect the right to freely practice religion.
After the representative of VBS and Vietnamese polices left the Tra Set temple, suddenly the temple has power outages. The Vietnamese authority does not want people from outside to contact the Buddhist monks at this temple via telephone or via Internet. Hundred of Buddhist followers come to the temple to protect the Buddhist monks; especially they scare that the police might kidnap Venerable Thach Thuol when there is no power.