Saturday, August 6, 2011

The confused identity of those Khmer

As Khmer and their country got weaker, foreigners have been manipulating them into losing their own identity.
Khmer Surin in Thailand do not want to revolt, in case it doesn’t work they would be worst off. They know they could not rely on Khmer Cambodia which is having an identity crisis.  Khmer Krom in South Vietnam do not want to revolt either, they know they could not rely on Khmer Cambodia for help. If you do not know yourself, how would you know others?
Long ago the Khmer used to live in harmony did not have any enemy, until the Mongol leaded by Genghis Khan invaded China and it changed everything. As the Mongol pushed into China, it also pushed a few groups of southern Chinese tribes from southern China downward to Khmer land.
There were so many warring tribes in China and they knew the tricks to warfare. At first they were under Khmer control until they learnt Khmer weakness points such as kindness and generosity which they were able to take advantage off easily.
There are more Khmer living in Thailand and South Vietnam than in Cambodia. Some are already lost their identities and some are struggling. Still the majorities are still waiting to be united again. Khmer land shrink from a ratio from 3 to 1. The land covered much of South Vietnam, Thailand and southern Laos.
The people who took over Khmer land knew very well that as long as Cambodia exists, and one day powerful again, Khmer are a threat to their existent especially since there are more Khmer people in their countries than in Cambodia.
Vietnam has been trying hard to stir Cambodia up and used Khmer against Khmer in order to take their mind off about the fate of Khmer Krom in Kampuchea Krom. It has been preaching Khmer Cambodia that nationalism could return Cambodia to a regime like Pol Pot again and result in millions of people die. The intention was to disunity the Khmer people.
Those Khmer people who felt proud as Khmer are bad as it could lead to extremist nationalists like the KR which would have a bad image. You speak Khmer but should not call yourself as a Khmer. Individuals should call themselves a Cambodian or simply a citizen of Cambodia, and drop the word Khmer as an identity in order to avoid the birth of nationalism in Cambodia again. The intention aim was to confuse and change Khmer identity.
Many times Khmer Krom victims escaped from South Vietnam (Kampuchea Krom) to Cambodia, yet the Cambodia government refused to help their own Khmer brothers and sisters who face persecutions because they stand for their human rights. They handed the victims back to Vietnam every time for fearing it might make them look like a Khmer patriotic. Khmer are being manipulated into against other Khmer.
In short, Cambodia is being brainwash from the top, especially the members of the ruling government who regularly go to Hanoi for strategy study to think that a Khmer nationalist is like a terrorist and racist. As such the Cambodian government refuses to talk or stop the Vietnamese settlers who come to Cambodia illegally. While the Cambodia government has been having false fear, the country is being filled up with the illegal people.
Often the Khmer Cambodia would say the illegally settlers have more rights than themselves and maybe they are right especially if members of the ruling government, the CPP have been brainwash this bad. With or without the government, Khmer people can live independently as they know that they could not rely on their own brainwashed government.   
Next time when you see members of the ruling government go to Hanoi to study a further brainwash to eliminate their own Khmer identity, beware of  their next speeches. This is often described as use Khmer to kill Khmer.
On the Thai side it has its own way of doing things, it’s giving lesson to their citizens that Angkor Wat belongs to them. The Khmer King Jayavarman VII is their king and so on. The purposes have been very meaning full to the Thai ruling elites. Sometimes the Thai especially the intellectual elites pretend to be Khmer in order to avoid Khmer and Khmer Surin in Thailand revolt and overthrow the Thai regime.