Saturday, August 6, 2011

A team, a family, that what what we have right...

A team, a family, that what what we have right here. I’ve been with these group of people for 3 years, some I’ve known for more then a decade, and some I met the first day I joined. We’ve been successful in every race we’ve been in since I join, and that’s because we work together as a team, as one.
We ventured to Tampa, FL to compete in the Pan Am Club Crew Championship, some of the worlds best crews were gonna be there so we knew we had to go all out. Yes we were smaller and shorter then the rest but we did not care, they underestimated us small guys and that’s what caused them to fall while were still standing. We worked as a team and we got through all the obstacles that we had ahead of us.
I got to give it up to our support group or shall I say support crowd that we had. It was an amazing feeling to sit on my drumming seat passing the crowd heading roars and chants of Go Khmer Krom ! The support of all these people really pumped up our whole team to perform at our best and that’s what we did, we knew we were representing them as well as the Khmer Krom community around the world so we did not want to disappoint. I would love to thank everybody that was apart of our support crew, you all sacrificed a lot and that means a lot to me as well to the team. Source: